Sally Baughman's Life in Beta Testing

Art in Alaska

I have always enjoyed seeing artists in the community I’ve lived in, and Bethel is no exception. We have a variety of painters, carvers, sewers, potters, sculptures and jewelry makers here in town. Many of the local crafters set up at the monthly Saturday Market, so its a nice spot to see what people have been working on. Also, one sees great art around town, because the dumpsters in town were painted by a Bethel Arts summer camp group, so as I walk around I get to see bright colors in every direction.

The lobby of my office building is also the lobby for the dental and eye clinics, and often someone is displaying crafts for sale. We have a lot of beaver around this area, so many time beaver fur is one of the items used to embellish a craft, such as moccasins or gloves. Beautiful beadwork, too.

Lobby Art

Large paining of local members in our lobby at work.



Front entrance of the local YK Fitness and Aquatic Center, where I teach swim lessons.

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